How to Make Android Apps - Java Programming Part 3

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    How to Make Android Apps Part 3.

    This introduction to Java is aimed at people with very little programming experience.

    The goal of the series is to serve as a Java primer and provide an overview of the key concepts as quickly as possible.

    Without going into too much depth, we introduce the basic syntax and the programming jargon, which you will further expand upon while making apps.

    In part 3 we cover the basic logic to test conditions and make comparisons, if-else structures, as well as loops.

    Topics include:
    Structure of an If-Else clause
    How to check for equality
    How to make comparisons
    Checking more than one condition
    Using booleans
    The logical AND
    The logical OR
    How to use while loops
    How to use for loops

    The videos are the companion piece to the written tutorials:

    Setup to get started on making apps:
    1) Find out how to install Android Studio and set up your phone:

    2) Book a weekend crash course with us:

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