Android Tutorial for Beginners 6 # Android Activity Lifecycle State change Example

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    Android Activity Lifecycle State change Example

    In this video tutorial I am going to give you an Example of Android Activity Lifecycle State change.
    There are following Activity Life-cycle states:
    ■ Activities in the foreground are running (onResume)
    ■ If something transparent obscurs the activity it is paused (onPause)
    ■ If you can’t see the activity it is stopped.

    ■ If it is garbage collected (onDestroy)
    Android Activity Life Cycle
    Lifetime: onCreate() to onDestroy()
    Visible when: onStart() to onStop()
    Foreground: onResume to onPause()
    Android Activity Lifecycle Example.

    In this example, we are displaying the content on the logcat.

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