Programming your smarphone with LabVIEW

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    RCF (Remote Control framework) ADD-ON for LabVIEW is a powerful toolkit for LabVIEW that transforms your smartphone into a remote control capable to display charts, tables and more.

    Smartphones and tablets can become remote controls for any LabVIEW application on PC based or real-time based systems.

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    - integrates easily into existing LabVIEW applications
    - allows to create remote controls programmatically
    - remote control's interface can be changed at run-time
    - reserved commands can be password protected
    - transferred data are crypted
    - commands can be parameterized without limitation, with user fields
    - supports real-time systems(CompactRIO, sbRIO and PXI)
    - creates custom interfaces at run-time to acquire user input as command's parameters

    - Free clients are available on most popular browsers (Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Safari)
    - fully support for Android OS devices
    - allows streaming of real-time data on Android smartphones
    - simplifies system's control via smartphones
    - requires only LabVIEW skills (no other languages or programming tools are required)
    - Enables your customers to manage/control their machines with a smartphone

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