Visual Basic Editor (VBA) Updates for Excel for Mac 2016

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    Microsoft just released an update to the VB Editor for the Mac 2016 version of Excel.

    New features include:
    - Edit and debugging toolbars.
    - Updated Project, Properties, Immediate, Watch, and Locals windows.
    - Keyboard shortcuts
    - Stepping through the VBA code.
    - and many more time saving tools for writing VBA macros.

    The new VB Editor is available on the Insiders Fast Pre-release build for Excel for Mac.

    Checkout my video that explains how to get this build.

    ( It's free!

    If you are interested in learning more about Macros & VBA then register for my free upcoming webinar on The 7 Steps to Getting Started with Macros & VBA.

    Click here to register for the VBA Webinar:

    PivotCharts are also now available on the Mac version.

    Checkout my video on the new Pivot Charts feature.

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